Welcome to the dHL’s Tips for Teachers Page!

The BIG idea is not only to connect teachers and students with the right Experts, but to make these virtual visits as interactive and engaging as possible. Below are some suggestions to help get you started.

Matching dHL Experts with the Curriculum

Although some connections between the curriculum and dHL Experts might be obvious (Art = Artist), if you take some time to search the dHL you might be surprised who you find (Art = Robotic Art Teacher)?! With this in mind, searching the dHL by key words is the best way to connect with the right Experts.

Contacting dHL Experts – Let the Collaboration Begin

Please remember to send your requests to dHL Experts well in advance, and remember that they may not always be available when requested. The more advanced notice you give each dHL Expert, the better your chances are of booking a session. Once you have found a dHL Expert you’d like to contact, please include the following information in your introductory email:

  • your name
  • your school, grade taught, age and number of students in your class
  • curriculum subject area
  • distance learning topic and learning goals (What do you want your students to learn?)
  • possible formats for the distance learning program (presentation, interview, demonstration, activity, Q&A, etc)
  • possible dates and times for the distance learning program

Note:  It is your responsibility to help prepare the dHL Expert for the virtual visit.

Ways to Engage Students

This may be understood, but the more the dHL Expert engage your students the better. Here are some suggestions you can discuss with your dHL Expert to make the virtual visit as interactive as possible. See Ways to Engage Students

dHL Expert Introductions

It is the teacher’s responsibility to prepare a brief introduction for the dHL Expert.  Some Experts may prefer to provide you with an introduction they have written themselves, however they are not required to do so.  Every introduction has three goals: get attention, spark interest, and build anticipation.  Please see dHL Expert Expert Introductions for ideas!

The Distance Learning Program

There are so many things to consider when planning your distance learning program.  Will students gather around a computer, or will the dHL Expert be projected on a SMARTBoard or big screen? Where will kids stand or sit so they can be seen and heard?  What is the format for the distance learning program (presentation, Q&A, demonstration, activity, etc)?  Please refer to the Teacher Checklist to help you get started!

Student Safety

What would you do if something went wrong during your distance learning program?

Student safety is a priority. Although every effort is made to ensure our dHL Experts engage with our students appropriately, unforeseen things can happen.  I believe it’s helpful to make sure you have taken a moment to think about how you would respond if something did go wrong. Please read the following section on safety so you are prepared to deal with any situation should one arise.

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