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The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a free educational resource that connects Canadian teachers and students with hundreds of organizations and experts around the world who are delivering interactive curriculum-based programs using video conferencing technology. Curious? Preview some of the hundreds of dHL meBook experts available for loan.

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Be sure to check out the variety of resources for the classroom as well – like hundreds of multi-media virtual tours to compliment virtual visits with dHL meBook experts, and tips about getting the most from your Digital Human Library experience. 

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I hope you take some time to look around and learn more about how the dHL is connecting K-12 teachers and students with experts around the world.  It’s time to bring the field trip experience into your classroom!

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Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher, AMDSB
Founder of the Digital Human Library

  • meBook Spotlight

    MARCH 2015

    Music in our Schools Month

    The National Association for Music Education has been sponsoring Music in our Schools Month since 1985. The event focuses on the need for, and benefits of quality music education programs. How will you and your school celebrate Music in our Schools month? Why not request a concert with Dave Ruch, performer and teaching artist, or Connect2Texas and learn from professional musicians in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, or engage with artists at the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth?
    This year’s theme is Music Education - Orchestrating Success. Request your concert or guest speaker today! Login

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    A special thank you to Wes MacVicar and the Foundation for funding the development of the dHL database and website. Let's continue to meet over great ideas and cookies!

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    Thank you to Mornington Communications for their generous donation which provided each elementary and secondary school in AMDSB with a webcam.

    A special thank you to Steve Howe for believing in me and making the dHL website a reality. I will always be grateful for your unconditional support and leadership.

    A BIG thank you to Tim Bilcke for all of his work designing the dHL website.