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Connected Learning Partnerships

Join our network of connected educators and learners by partnering with teachers and schools in different countries around the world to create Connected Learning Partnerships (CLP).

CLP Program Overview

Our vision is to create opportunities for connections-based learning by establishing partnerships with teachers and schools in other countries around the world. These partnerships provide registered teachers and schools with exclusive access to other partners in the CLP community. The goal is to help teachers and students connect with one another easily, so you can focus your time on working together – not finding each other.

How is the CLP different than using a service like ePals or Skype?

Global platforms like ePals and Skype are accessed by so many teachers that the registered users cannot often fulfill the hundreds of requests to connect. The CLP is a new community of teachers around the world that can be accessed by CLP members. Every teacher who registers gains instant access to the other member teachers and schools in our community.

What Platforms are Students using to Collaborate Online?

There are a variety of digital platforms and apps being widely used in education today:

  • Blogging (e.g Edublogs, Blogger…)
  • Twitter
  • Google Apps for Education (Drive, Docs, Slides…)
  • Apps (Tellagami, Padlet, Today’s Meet, Socrative…)
  • Video Conferencing Apps (Skype, Google Hangouts…)

If you are open to being connected, together we will find a platform and a way to connect! The purpose of this program is to create opportunities for teachers and students to find and connect with one another quickly and easily so they can collaborate and learn together.

Considerations for Choosing an Online Platform for Collaborative Learning


How do teachers register for the CLP?

Interested teachers in your school may register by completing the form linked below. Once a teacher from your school has registered, your school is automatically added to the centralized CLP List as a member school. By creating a centralized “list” of member schools, registered teachers will be able to connect directly with other registered teachers in countries around the world so they can begin collaborating immediately on their choice of projects.  There is no limit to the number of staff who can register from your school. The more teachers that register, the more opportunities that are created for connected learning partnerships! The CLP is about creating timely authentic opportunities for connections-based learning.

What is expected from teachers who register?

Teachers who register are agreeing to be contacted by other teachers who are interested in collaborating with them. It will be up to each individual teacher to determine whether the request fits with his/her curriculum, schedule, etc. As a courtesy, we do ask that teachers reply to any requests they receive, even if the request does not work for the teacher at that time. The expectation is that by registering, teachers are open to connected learning partnerships and will work with others when it works for them!

How do teachers access the CLP List?

The centralized “CLP List” of member schools/teachers will be hosted on the AMDSB EdTech Learning Community and Connections-Based Learning websites. The list will be curated and maintained by the CLP team, however we welcome contributions and collaborators from all school board districts. Please contact me if you are interested!


Connected Teachers Already Registered for the CLP

Moving Forward

Please help us grow the CLP Program by sharing this information with your colleagues around the world. The CLP Contact List will go live in September 2016. If you have any further questions or comments, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact me by email!

Thank you for your support!

Connected Learning Partnerships Team

Leigh Cassell

AMDSB Technology Coach
62 Chalk St. North, Seaforth ON N0K 1W0
t:  (519) 527-0111 ex. 155 f:  (519) 527-0222
ADE & Google Educator
Founder, Digital Human Library
tweeps:  @LeighCassell

Sean Robinson
Science and Digital Literacy Teacher
2215 Reeve St, Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6K8
t:  (604) 941-6053 f: (604) 941-2639
Creator, Connections-based Learning
tweeps: @sr_tutor

Nicole Kaufman
AMDSB Teacher – Howick Central Public School
45010 Harriston Road RR#1 Gorrie, ON N0G1X0
t:  (519) 335-3566 f:  (519) 335-6567
Creator,  #AMDSBkidschat
tweeps:  @Teach_msK

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